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Proceedings and Web of Science

The proceedings of KES2014 will be published in Elsevier Procedia Computer Science and submitted to Thomson-Reuters Conference Proceedings Citation Index (CPCi) which is part of Web of Science.

Thomson Reuter (TR) evaluates volumes submitted to it for inclusion in CPCi on a case-by-case basis, and no publisher can guarantee that the proceedings of any conference will be accepted; this includes Springer and all other publishers.

All volumes of Procedia Computer Sciences have been submitted for inclusion in CPCi, all have been accepted and included, and none have been rejected. Also, KES20xx conferences have been included in CPCi (or its previous equivalents) since 2003, and TR has a policy of indexing conference titles rather than publishers.

Hence, while no guarantees can be given about any conference or conference series, it would be expected the future KES20xx conferences will be indexed in CPCi and included in Web of Science.

It has been reported that TR has a long backlog of proceedings volumes to evaluate, and this can take 12-18 months or even longer. Hence, we are informed, proceedings may take up to two years after a conference to appear in Web of Science.

The above information was provided by our publisher contacts, and is correct to the best of our knowledge.

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